When people think of beautification, they think: “Someone cares about this place.” It has been proven that people feel safer when they are in a community that is taken care of and cared for. Beautification is known to be a great investment for the community, with increased foot traffic, more sales, and positive energy. With that being said, the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz and the Economic Development Department presents a Downtown Santa Cruz beautification program, offering local businesses the chance to brighten up their storefront with greenery and flowers. 

The Downtown Association’s unique planter boxes are popping up left and right, with more on the way. These planter boxes are a great addition to storefronts, creating a vibrant and beautiful welcome for all to come, with minimal maintenance needed. 

To entice local businesses even more, the Downtown Association will take care of weekly watering and basic maintenance. In addition, the planter boxes have built-in wheels which can be easily brought inside after hours. 

While supplies last, the City’s Economic Development Department will pay half of the cost. Click HERE to get yours today!