Below please find a March 2018 progress report for the City of Santa Cruz.

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From the city of Santa Cruz - I’m happy to report that we have made a lot of progress on the City’s Strategic Goals in the past few weeks, particularly in the areas of Public Safety and Well-Being, as well as in Housing.
As you may have heard, the encampment in the San Lorenzo Park Benchlands closed last week and the River Street Emergency Transitional Camp for homeless individuals opened. Campers have been in the park for a week now, and thus far things have run smoothly and quietly. We are grateful for the health and human services the County is providing on-site, as well as for the financial support provided by the County. City Parks and Recreation staff are now working in San Lorenzo Park to get the park fully cleaned up and ready for all of the events planned there for spring, summer and fall.
Also last week, in tandem with the closure of the Benchlands and the opening of the River Street Camp, City police officers did outreach to the broader homeless community living in Santa Cruz. Their goal was to get a better idea of who is living unhoused in Santa Cruz and why, to identify those individuals with outstanding warrants, and to share information on the River Street Camp and other resources available for homeless individuals. During the outreach, officers made contact with approximately 500 homeless individuals and 251 assessments were conducted. Eighty-nine citations were issued and 28 arrests were made. Six vehicles were towed and impounded. The Police Department will be providing a full report to the public of the information collected in the weeks to come.
On Saturday, City Police had their first in a series of community meetings to introduce their new neighborhood policing program. Santa Cruz Police has created five neighborhood policing teams that are assigned to downtown, upper west side, lower west side, upper east side, and lower east side neighborhoods  within the City of Santa Cruz. The teams will work with, and in, neighborhoods to develop and implement customized crime-fighting strategies. You can read more about your neighborhood policing team here.
Last, the City Council Housing Blueprint Subcommittee is currently working to prioritize the recommended housing solutions that were provided by the community last fall, and would like to hear from you. You can see the full Voices on Housing report and recommendations here. The Housing Blueprint Subcommittee invites you to then complete a survey on how you suggest prioritizing the recommendations. The surveys are in both English and Spanish and the links are: 

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